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Guys = Roses = Too many pricks (id:tanmeista88)
Location: Salford Area of Manchester,United Kingdom

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About tanmeista88

Yeah hi...

Sorry, am not "alternative" but do find most of those "types" of guys quite nice! ;)

So I'm 22, Chinese but was born in the UK. Not a stereotypical maths, scientific and computer whizz kid geek (sorry to disappoint you...), and not into being a little bottom boy for old, dirty rice queens thanks... luckily haven't had that many recently since I updated this profile so maybe some people do I actually read this? OMG! :P Lol. I also don't do kung fu like some poeple think every Chinese person does but that doesn't mean I can't pack a mean kick! I'm just sayin' by the way, that's not a threat... Ha.

Originally from Reading, but study at Manchester University. Here for my fourth and final year at the moment, but still undecided as to what I'll do when I finish... :S

I have too many fag hags and not enough fag friends... So that's probably what I'm looking for mainly... apply within! Although dates could be nice and you might be considered... Also basic needs and urges can't and shouldn't be ignored but I'm not a complete bike, if that's what you're thinking! :S Lol. My ideal guy though would unfortunately be someone way outta my league who probably wouldn't look once, nevermind twice at me, so no point describing him really.

I also go to Fitness First in the city centre and swim at the Aquatics centre... but am really lazy about both! :S Haha.

Wanna know anything else? Just ask away and I may just reply if you're lucky... :P And if I can be arsed, because I can't be arsed to write much more crap that barely anyone will read! :S x x

PS: If you wanna talk, but you might not want to after reading this profile (if you did...), please have a pic of yourself - sure, a body or a cock might be nice to look at, but would be better with a face and head on top! And I'm not interested in seeing loads of pics of scenery from your holidays, your car, pets (no matter how cute they might be, especially compared to you), famous guys or models who you'll never be or get, or any other random shit like dirty trainers, feet and socks... Ta!

Other websites: - *ask and you might receive* :P
spacehamster 16 Mar 2012 said...
Thanks for the comment sorry its a year late lol.
DebbieWolf 08 Nov 2011 said...
Thats cool man. How you doing? ace pictures you have. sure looks like you know how to party :D x
Gary 05 Nov 2011 said...
Thanks for the comment and score :D
Makari 09 Sep 2011 said...
thank you for the vote <3 <3
My Pics

My Stats
Looking forRelationship
Status Single
Out Yes to friends
Height 177cm / 5'10"
Attire Trendy
Weight 60Kg/9.5st/130lb
Hair Colour Black
Hair Style Short
Eye Colour Brown
Body Hair None
Body Type Slim
Cock Size 7"
Cock Type Uncut
Orientation Gay
Safe Sex Needs Discussion
Role Top
Drink Socially
Smoke No
Drugs No - Hate it

asian chinese student

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