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Come and say hi (id:rogerkint)

Location: Peckham Area of Southeast London,United Kingdom

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Come say hi!

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About rogerkint
I love tea and snuggles (though not together; that would be a mess) and I do like to keep my brain working, so appreciate someone who can type and speak in complete sentences and have an interesting conversation.

I'm back to being a full time student now, though it's more work than most people might believe!

I have a boyfriend and we have an open relationship, but we live together so if you're not interested in a threesome my ability to host is somewhat limited. I am HIV positive but on meds and undetectable. The boyfriend is HIV negative. We prefer to bareback, but it's not a must - everyone can make their own choices, (and hopefully they'll be informed choices.)

Tattoos, piercings, the whole "alt look" really does it for me (please don't take this the wrong way; I'm making no comment on what an "alt lifestyle" is, I'm merely trying to describe what sort of guys and girls I'm into) and I prefer younger guys who are slim and smooth. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs or go clubbing so if that's how you enjoy yourself we probably won't be meeting up any time soon.
PeterEsk 07 Apr 2013 said...
Yeah I'm not bad thanks. Just doing a bit of revision [ie attempting not to procrastinate which isn't going very well]

How are you?
StripeyZeb 04 Apr 2013 said...
Thankyou very much for being my sister.
Thankyyou very much, thankyou very very very much.
StripeyZeb 04 Apr 2013 said...
Welll thanks very much :P
My Pics

My Stats
Looking forFriendship
Status Open Relationship
Out Yes to everyone
Height 180cm / 5'11"
Attire Casual
Weight 76Kg/12st/165lb
Hair Colour Brown
Hair Style Short
Eye Colour Brown
Body Hair None
Body Type Athletic
Cock Size 6"
Cock Type Uncut
Orientation Bi
Safe Sex Sometimes
Role Versatile
Drink Never
Smoke No - Hate it
Drugs No

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