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Mediocre Generica... (id:deadpunkboy)
Is it wrong to mix Rick Astley into a punk set while djing?
Location: Bristol,United Kingdom

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About deadpunkboy
I just felt like I needed one more internet profile to complete the set...

So I guess I should say something about me, but I really can't be arsed. I like alternative things, mostly of the industrial/ebm variety but lots of rock//punk/metal etc too. I dj for Psychodrama, Bristol's best alternative gay night ;)

I'm pretty blunt, I don't give a shit how big your cock/IQ/car/bank balance is but I'm happy to talk to anyone if you're not a complete cunt! :p

Music - Mindless Self Indulgence, VAST, Skinny Puppy, Korn, Depeche Mode, Kenickie, Bjork, Apoptygma Berzerk, Franz Ferdinand, Devo, Xotox, Mansun, Nine Inch Nails...
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My Stats
Looking forFriendship
Status In Relationship
Out Yes to everyone
Height 180cm / 5'11"
Hair Colour Multi
Body Type Average
Orientation Gay
Drink Occasionally

bristol cartoons ebm fi invader lazy psycho punk sci zim

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