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Welcome to my new Profile (id:XlonelyshadowX)
the thing about me is...
Location: Des Moines Area of Iowa,United States

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About XlonelyshadowX
I'm a nice guy, just talk to me, get to know me, that's all i ask.

BUUUT, i guess i should add a little more here. i LOVE horror movies, there great to watch with friends or a special somebody, but in all honesty i love movies in general so i have a good time watching just about everything! :)

The music i listen to doesn't come from one genre, i listen to everything....literally....except polka....yeah...fuck polka....ANYWAY! some of my favorite bands include MCR, Blink 182, Before Their Eyes, Bring me the Horizon, the plus ones,High School Football heroes, Duvall, the chinkees, MSI, school boy humor, forever the sickest kids, Cute is what we aim for, and the list goes on for miles.

I am super nerdy sometimes, but i work in a toy store so what did you expect! i love to yoyo, i know its geeky but i love it and there's actually a story behind it, so get to know me and i might tell you :), ummm, im a vegetarian and i love animals :)

So, there's the basics of me :) i hope you like it. So let's get to know each other and see what comes of it :)

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My Pics

My Stats
Status Single
Out Yes to friends
Height 182cm / 6'
Hair Colour Brown
Hair Style Medium
Eye Colour Brown
Body Type Chubby
Cock Size 6"
Cock Type Cut
Orientation Bi
Role Versatile
Drink Socially
Smoke Socially
Drugs No - Hate it

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