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S**t for luck (id:Winston)
Hates this motherfucking hotel
Location: East London,United Kingdom

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About Winston
Hello there. lol. I'm not Winston, I'm Steven =]

Gosh I hate these things, it's always so hard to write about myself... :/

But what can I say, I love music, it's pretty much my life I could just lay and listen for hours :3 Probably with a hot chocolate :D

And I can play guitar too, I'm probably no good but I've been playing for ten years... and I'm always writing songs always about people so if you get a song, you're pretty special <3

I love meeting new people and love traveling to meet someone who's worth it... then they could take me on a tour of their area, hopefully the seaside ^^

Films are also a big passion of mine I've seen about ten million lol but have a list thats tenfold to watch, when I used to have a fireplace I used to just curl up on my bed again with hot chocolate and watch loadssss :D Especially scary films but only when there's someone else with me...!

I really don't know what else to say but I'm always open for comments :3
mgsdude 27 Jul 2012 said...
really? hahaha how? :O :O :O :O
mgsdude 26 Jul 2012 said...
Hey, nothing much, you? :3
DannyJames 30 May 2012 said...
Haha nice, there's just something about fire, you can sit and watch it for hours lol, but be careful you don't burn your house down with those candles .
Nah man, I know what you mean about music, I do the exact same thing, if I hear something I like I note down where I heard it to find it later lol. An living for music ain't douchey, so much is conveyed through music and songs; feelings and emotions, that's why I really like Sigur Ros, cant understand a word he says, but you know exactly what he's singing about, it bleeds emotion. So, after hearing so much music, you got any favourites?
And there's nothing wrong with being cultured and slightly higher brow, but the hoi polloi who have no desire for self improvement don't want you to be better then them, so they'll take the piss and make you feel bad about it. You're cultured, stand up and be proud haha lol.
How are you this week anyway? life going good so far :)?
DannyJames 14 May 2012 said...
I bet we would ;)hehe. To be honest, I'm actually scared of heights lol, I only did that because everyone else was too scared to, I do love the views you get from heights though. But bonfires, that's a passion of mine, it's such a good social catalyst, have a group of mates around a fire, talking anything and everything. How about you man, what do you enjoy, any passions?
By the way, cultured debates? I may take you up on that at some point. I love to have debates with new people; if you're up for it? :)
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Looking forRelationship
Status Single
Out Yes to everyone
Height 180cm / 5'11"
Weight 64Kg/10st/140lb
Hair Colour Brown
Hair Style Medium
Eye Colour Brown
Body Hair Some
Body Type Athletic
Cock Size 6"
Cock Type Uncut
Orientation Gay
Role Versatile
Drink Socially
Smoke Socially
Drugs Socially

fucking fun gay gay honest honest out really twink young

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