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For Honour & For Freedom (id:TwilightDawn)
is about to see Hugh Laurie and his band. woop
Location: Northampton,United Kingdom

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About TwilightDawn

Born and bred in Northampton
I have on / off jobs as I have spent the last 20 odd months travelling in New Zealand with trips to Fiji and New Caledonia. Started Australia and returning to finish it in mid November :D

After Australia I will visit Canada and then Europe whilst applying for more time in New Zealand *Its worth a visit* :O

Otherwise I am a writer / reader and published poet. Now working on my first stories which are a fantasy and a sci fi story.
I like to keep kind of healthy, like getting tattoos, love dogs and day dream a lot.
I like to keep busy and use my hands so build with lego, and once I have money will try some simple wood work :D

I believe life is to be lived and not wasted.
I want to see the world, meet new people and taste new foods and drinks.
I want to learn and feel the rush that comes with living life :D

oh and I am gay, but its not a big deal to me.

I do not consider myself proud to be gay.
I am proud to consider myself Matthew. Gay is just a small brick that is part of a building of bricks that is me :)
niterider666 29 Dec 2013 said...
Hey, how are you liking Auckland? I'm out in NZ too right now from the UK visiting my folks! :)
Dist-angel 17 Jun 2013 said...
New Zealand? Awesome! That's just a hop skip and a jump away from me :D
Dist-angel 10 Apr 2013 said...
Who says I'm not? And it's Nobody, not nobody, it's a title.
Dist-angel 09 Apr 2013 said...
Doubtful, I'm gonna be an awesome organisation member :3
My Pics

My Stats
Looking forFriendship
Status Single
Out Yes to everyone
Height 177cm / 5'10"
Attire Casual
Weight 67Kg/10.5/145lb
Hair Colour Blonde
Hair Style Medium
Eye Colour Grey
Body Type Average
Drink Occasionally
Smoke No
Drugs No

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