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Touch The Stove!! (id:TheSaint)
And the man in the back said everyone attack...
Location: Walsall Area of Birmingham,United Kingdom

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About TheSaint

If you see me on-line take advantage of it - I don't have what you might call a 'Routine'

I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for someone who I am not...

I am probably one of the most... If not THE MOST satirical person you have ever met! If you don't know what satirical means then you have clearly never watched The Thick Of It!

Friends, Laughs, Good Times, Sex, Music, Money, Getting Drunk, Movies, Shopping, Boy Spotting, Games, Idioms, TV Dinners, Vanity, Fuscia & Black, Hugs, Smiles, Michael MacIntyre, Chance Encounters, Ghostland Observatory, Comments, Holidays, Sex, Driving, FALLING IN LOVE, Falling Over, Messages, Clubs, Irony, Phone Calls.

Anything from the 80's or 90's
And a lot of bands you will have never heard of!

Big up to my buddy Lakis!

Facebook: /TH358NT
el-cielo 09 Feb 2013 said...
yup :P
Discord82 17 Oct 2011 said...
destinyboi 19 Jan 2011 said...
You poked?
Smoke 26 Nov 2010 said...
I could do with a job for more money and less stress.
Well I hope you manage to find something on monday. Social lives are a must, although also a reason to spend money frivolously ^^
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My Stats
Looking forFriendship
Out Yes to everyone
Height 175cm / 5'9"
Weight 64Kg/10st/140lb
Hair Colour Brown
Hair Style Medium
Eye Colour Green
Body Hair Some
Body Type Slim
Orientation Gay
Drink Often
Drugs No

Alternative Emo Homo Punk Romance Surf

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