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I'm NO Wolf, I'm a Mutt (id:Teddy7Wolf)
yeah lean on me while you look at his ass... so when he FEELS your eyes he'll think it me, wunderbar
Location: Georgia,United States

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About Teddy7Wolf
Ok... I'm another Bi-GUY, I'm Young, Loner, Open minded, & a Furry. I"m into Manga & Anime, Gaming(although I'm completely dead with it now), Furrys, & JUST about anything JP. I have a pretty unpredictable personality or so I've been told, I'm very quiet & shy when you first get to know me then I become a more of a... horny bastard (I'm VERY sexually corrupted TT_TT). Ask Any questions (you most likely get answers): I (unfortunately) have a Skype, Aim, IMVU, & yadda yadda yadda, also catch me on these sites... (though I'm RARELY on them)

Skype: HaZee8

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afoxens 01 Dec 2012 said...
*pokes your cheek* :L
afoxens 28 Nov 2012 said...
*sits on you and pokes your chest multiple times*
afoxens 27 Nov 2012 said...
Ouwwww. D; What is this, you cannibal or summin? ;W;

**pushes you on the ground and sits on you*
afoxens 26 Nov 2012 said...
**pokes your other eye* :3
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My Stats
Looking forChat
Status Single
Height 170cm / 5'7"
Attire Grungy
Weight 60Kg/9.5st/130lb
Hair Colour Black
Hair Style Short
Eye Colour Brown
Body Hair Some
Body Type Athletic
Cock Size 9"
Cock Type Cut
Safe Sex Sometimes
Role Top
Drink Occasionally
Smoke Socially
Drugs No

Furry angry chilled curious dick freespirit friendless gamer open-minded pothead shy weird

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