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Clean it up coke whore (id:Sapphire)
i need a man :(
Location: Bunbury,Australia

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About Sapphire
My name is Jade tho i think Sapphire is nicer an considering changing it.
I'm a teenager ( Obviously )
Currently unemployed , have been for awhile but i guess not really seeing a job in the future as to my current situation
I love my car , it's a black skyline with neon pink lights under an hot pink flames with blue outline :D
I have a lot of mood swings which i hate , my moods change more then a girl changes clothes.
Yes i have msn and facebook.

I tend to sometimes have trust issue's due to my past but i try not to let it effect me in the future but it doesn't seem to be that easy lately.
I do NOT have cam before you ask.
I would say i am currently single.

I've dealt with personal problems and family problem's but they still haunt me in the night an day.
People say i've seen more tragedy then a normal person should , but i see it as life's way of trying to rid me when it failed when i survived an abortion an it make's me think and wonder if i was suppose to survive for a reason or if it was a mistake. Maybe some day someone will come a long and show me it was for a reason.

Music is my life
Music - Punk/Rock/Some screamo/Alternative/Some techno
enticement 31 Jan 2011 said...
hi cutie pie <3 how have you been?
maxworld 18 Jan 2011 said...
Much wisdom in your words for one so young! I believe that we're here for a reason and more will be revealed to you. Thanks for the add - lookin forward to a chat. Luv on ya, Max href="">Some text
Eros 11 Jan 2011 said...
Hello there [=
enticement 18 Nov 2010 said...
I love your hair so much. :3
My Pics

My Stats
Looking forRelationship
Out Yes to everyone
Height 127cm / 4'2"
Weight 38Kg/6st/85lb
Hair Colour Black
Hair Style Long
Eye Colour Brown
Body Hair None
Body Type Slim
Cock Type Cut
Orientation Gay
Role Bottom
Drink Often
Smoke Yes

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