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Drew (id:Drewgles)
alley oop...
Location: Rhynie/Kennethmont Area of Aberdeen,United Kingdom

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About Drewgles
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Ready to put something back in here again!
Im Andrew!

I am Gay!

I am a student at the University of Aberdeen.

Sex is not the most important thing to me, and is definately not the be all and end all in a relationship.

Have removed 5 of my piercings and so only have 11 now!

I do want friends at this stage in my life.
I will not say just friends, or only friends, there is no just or only about being friends with someone, to me friends are as important to me as my family are!
And my family ARE the MOST important things in my life!

Sex is a complication, I have had people in the past that i had sex with before i got to know them and now i feel i have missed out on some great friendships. I have had sex with friends and lost friendhips. And therefore I do not want the complications of sex, including the messed up feelings when you start to fall for someone that is there only as a sex partner and nothing else, therefore I would like someone special and important before I have a sexual relationship again.

Hope this gets read as i don't think i've made the best impression on here in the past.

My time is spent with my friends, or speaking to friends and family that don't live close to me online!
I am not a busy person!
I like people to have busy fulfilling lives and will do all in my power to make sure that Everyone I know is happy, and fulfilled in their lives, and I will try my best to help fix any problems they have!

Speak to me and get to know me, i will talk to anyone.

Lots of Love,

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My Stats
Looking forRelationship
Status Single
Out Yes to everyone
Height 167cm / 5'6"
Weight 83Kg/13st/180lb
Hair Colour Blue
Hair Style Medium
Eye Colour Blue
Body Hair Some
Body Type Chubby
Orientation Gay
Safe Sex Needs Discussion
Role Versatile
Drink Occasionally
Smoke Yes
Drugs No

aberdeenshire student

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