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Dist-angels profile (id:Dist-angel)
I tease your hair, but you do not see me. You do not care. I am the Breeze, that no one notices.
Location: Brisbane,Australia

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About Dist-angel
ummm what to say...

Hai, seems like a good place to start ^^

People call me lotta things lol but my name's Simon
I draw and write
i'm an anime fanboy ^^
lurve it

i'm a sucker for romance
and always seem to be annoyingly optimisic

one of my dear friends once related me to a training bra >.<
he said i was naturally supportive
bu i don't think i do anything special other than try to help my friends with what ever is troubling them ^^
though mind you how he knew what a training bra was like i don't want 2 know :p

so i'm not sure how much longer i should rant on but if you would like to know anything just ask ^^
i don't bite

not unless you want me 2 ;)

You thought I was just spark,
Something you could control.
To lighten the dark.
I am the Flame,
That ignites the inferno.
NeoRay 14 Dec 2013 said...
That's pretty awesome. Shiek is both hot and cute :3
I'll catch you later then, have a good day at work!
-cuddles back-
NeoRay 14 Dec 2013 said...
There are different versions of Mega Man, classic being the Megaman I, II, III, IV ect for the NES, SNES and PSX. Then there was the X series, which was like a remastered classic, the Battle Network series, which was like a strategic RPG, and the Zero Series, which I have no idea what it is about.

Ocarina of time is fantastic! But I think I like Majora's Mask just a little better, even if it was a major bitch.
NeoRay 14 Dec 2013 said...
Hehe awesome :D It just so happens Mega Man 3 is my favouite of the classic series. Did you ever play the battle network series?
NeoRay 14 Dec 2013 said...
Agreed :3
Now listening to techno-remix of all the tracks in Megaman 3. Not quite piano, but still good enough because that OST is awesome.
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My Stats
Looking forRelationship
Status Single
Out Yes to everyone
Height 180cm / 5'11"
Weight 70Kg/11st/155lb
Hair Colour Multi
Hair Style Medium
Eye Colour Brown
Body Hair Some
Body Type Slim
Cock Size 7"
Cock Type Uncut
Orientation Gay
Safe Sex Sometimes
Role Versatile
Drink Socially
Smoke No
Drugs No

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