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DeviCaliBis profile (id:DeviCaliBi)

Location: Texas,United States

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About DeviCaliBi
I'm Vanz. My nickname is "La Devi Vanz". I'm deaf. I cum 4m California. I rly miss California so mux!!! I'M BI but I do like to enjoy wit girls n guys. I'm mix look like Puerto Rican but im not P.R. I'm punk/Rocky n style/fashion. I like to play football, Soccer, Cheerleader, n fighter. Most I lov to play football n Martial Art. I think dey so hott as jock. I'm not afraid in life kuz we re human. Ofc I'm not afraid of yu kuz yu aint God. I kno I'm confident. I'm not kind like stupid but honesty I'm asshole a bit kuz I wont let yu push or fool me around! I could b bullshyt n liar kuz I dnt want to tell yu everythin! I'm very very kute 4 shy to shy. I'm not kind of judge on ppl if yu do, I'll fuk yu up! Look, I alway like to make new friend. I'm not kind of drama person like yu. Sumtime I begin a bitchy but mostly I'm so friendly n good heart. I'm very very picky 4 friends but I really luv my friends kuz dey re kool n fun. Yu'll never find another fool like me, I'm very simple 4 real. Ppl cnt complain on me wut I do. I'm not intez in drama kuz I dnt hav time play toy or doll wit yu. Drama make me so borin like shyt but sumtime fun. I kno I'm smart enough dan drama. Sumtime I want in drama kuz I need a fun. Sumbody think im so weird... Well yea i am kuz Im not like yu or other ppl. Sum of yu keep call me a slut...Yea I am, u kno y? Sum of yu juz mad or jealous kuz I'm more kute n hott dan yu. So believe me. I can tell yu rite now...u can shut fuk up in yur shyt mouth. I hav to truth wit yu.....I never show wit my friend abt wut my real well is. I juz giv to dem 4 bit kno 4m me as ma lil well but not full. Ouch...Sry. Plz dnt ask me abt y. Guess wut! Dey think I'm look like Taylor Lautner but I'm so proud wut i am. I'm still sweet as well. Let yu kno dat plz dn't mess wit me as shyt! N If yu got any plm or jealous or wuteva, juz shut fuk up, Got it. Am i make clear? I hope dat yu got it. If yu dnt like deaf or make fun of deaf ppl, juz get fuk out of ma damn page!! Yu betta respect me kuz I'm fukin more kute boi dan "I luv New York!" bitch! If yu dnt like me, den hello I'll say (ma finger middle fuk yu up! Yu betta hear me out of da hoe bitch! *fake laugh* So I'll say BYE HOE!!) I dnt hav time to begin immature, juz take so easy on me!! If yu do like so hard, first thing juz get fukin suck my cock n get fukin out of my damn page! Bye bitch=]! Dnt add me again=]! Yu can b hate on me if yu want to kuz hater make me feel like more famous!
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My Stats
Status Single
Out Yes to everyone
Height 180cm / 5'11"
Weight 86Kg/13.5st/190lb
Hair Colour Brown
Hair Style Medium
Eye Colour Brown
Body Hair Some
Body Type Athletic
Cock Size 6"
Cock Type Cut
Orientation Bi
Safe Sex Always
Role Versatile
Drink Occasionally
Smoke No

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