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Codyonfire911s profile (id:Codyonfire911)
Heaven's not a place that you go where you die, it's that moment in life where you actually feel alive.
Location: Destin Area of Florida,United States

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About Codyonfire911

I live in my head,and my imagination runs completely wild every second of every day, it's a constant circus of thoughts on there.
I'm not a very judgemental person
I'll talk to anyone who wants to :]
I like to talk to people and figure tham out.
People intrest me.
I'll lay in the grass for hours thinking, and listening to my ipod.
I have a playlist for everything.
I'll admitt, I'm very ignorant, naive, and blank minded, I don't know alot of pop culture and simple things you think every person should know.
I'm not a very graceful or lucky person
I can't get through the day without tripping or breaking somthing.
But, i get by :P
I will say, I'm generally a friendly person that tries to see the good in people. As long as you treat nice, I treat nice :] Peace<3

Art, writing and creativity = <333

I like- Art, Music, Writing, Eyes, Hair, Shows/Bands, Biting, Lip/Tounge piercings,...

Dislike- Peas, predjudism, Country, mean people, Lying

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niterider666 06 Jul 2014 said...
Your hair is sick!! How are you? x
kalebloserface 08 May 2011 said...
i am rather well. how are you?
kalebloserface 03 May 2011 said...
hello. :3
griffin-21 09 Jan 2011 said...
hey hottie. how's it goin?
My Pics

My Stats
Looking forRelationship
Status Single
Height 180cm / 5'11"
Attire Scene
Weight 53Kg/8.5st/115lb
Hair Colour Brown
Hair Style Long
Eye Colour Green
Body Hair None
Body Type Slim
Orientation Bi
Drink Occasionally

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