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The Angel's Drug (id:Arkei)
Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic ~
Location: Milton Keynes,United Kingdom

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About Arkei

Time is like a dream,
And now, for a time, you are mine...

Shy. Sleepy. Sweet?

Ex-film student with a penchant for 80s synths, goth and electro.

Gaming - Music - Films
Philosophy - Mythology - Astrology
Living well - Living Happy

I'm a very eclectic person; almost anything interests me to a certain degree.
But I guess these would be my main interests.

If you're frightend of dying,
And you're holding on,
You'll see devils tearing your life away...

... But if you've made your peace,
Then the devils are really angels,
Freeing you from the Earth.


The Crow
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Amanda Palmer
Sons of Anarchy
Benny Benassi
Animal Friendly Cosmetics
DJing @ House Parties
Falling In Love
Thunder & Lightning
80s New Wave
Dancing Like Crazy to Pendulum
Star Wars
Nice Smelling Hair Products
Marilyn Manson
Red Wine
Expensive Perfume
X Men
The Smiths

[Please talk to me, before you try to add me!]

x KThxBai x
~ ~ ~

I would have told him that he was the only thing,
That I could love in this dying world...

... But the simple word of "love" itself,
Already died and went away.

StripeyZeb 24 Jul 2013 said...
Touch meeeeeh!!
Maxxes 15 Jun 2013 said...
TBM tickets are not out yet amanda palmer is july. too many bands to see. but nothing will top Siouxsie on monday mwahaha.
Maxxes 14 Jun 2013 said...
sure, i still IOU for parov. birthday massacre is playing o2 islington - OCTOBER. alternatively i could take you to... amanda palmer, ssion & sharron needles, skeletal family or red lorry yellow lorry (slimes)... they are all this month
Maxxes 14 Jun 2013 said...
fav parov song. probably their darkest... so glad they did it for the forum.
spinning this a lot lately-
My Pics

My Stats
Looking forFriendship
Height 170cm / 5'7"
Weight 53Kg/8.5st/115lb
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Hazel
Body Hair Some
Body Type Slim
Orientation Gay
Drink Socially
Smoke No
Drugs No

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