We're working on something new for 2019. Watch this space.

Thanks Everyone!

We had an awesome ride with Altvibe/Emoguys. It was 11 years ago that I had an idea that could bring together like minded people and learn a few things about social networks and software development. The first few years were awesome, we got up to several thousand members, rebranded to Altvibe, marched in the London Pride Parade (We still have the banners!) and had nights out.

A few years after a steady incline we hit our decline. Social networking evolved, our crusty old website couldn't keep up with the shift to mobile. Dispite an attempt to re-write it, the niche of alternative guys faded away. The site continued for a little while longer, but visitor numbers were poor.

We feel we achieved our goals and know many of you might not have met if it wasn't for Altvibe and we wouldn't have met you.

And so, we have taken the difficult decision to close the doors in 2019, to make way for something entirely new. It's still a work in progress but i think your going to love it.

If you need to contact us you can on Facebook: facebook.com/altvibe

Don't forget to keep an eye here or on our Facebook page for updates.
Much Love, Dan & Ewan.

Altvibe.com Data will be held for a small amount of time before being destroyed :(. If you think you need any of it, please let me know on the Altvibe Facebook page.